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LernBag is a product of FortunaPIX. A digital educational publisher driving digital learning through innovative content and delivery.

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Founded in 2012, we are building solutions that go beyond the classroom to make learning accessible, inclusive and engaging. Our singular focus has been to empower students to have more agency in how they learn by enabling them to become creators and contributors in the learning process. We do this with playful learning, transformative technology and teacher support for a breadth of skills.

Our solutions are firmly rooted in strong pedagogical principles that inform the learning paths of each student allowing them to set goals, solve problems and assess their learning based on fixed targets in a variety of ways.


We develop and publish experiential content to transform how students learn.

Visualize immersive and engaging 3D videos. Imagine fun and playful simulations. Think interactive digital textbooks, learning apps and effective assessments.

Our precise, standards-aligned digital content can be used in any online learning model to support a personalized learning environment – from elementary through high school.

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